May 25,  2017; In reference to recent occurrences;

With the recents events that have transpired both within and outside the organization, we feel it is vital that we share and clarify information publicly. The following will be as listed below.

EasternMediaGG made the mistake of not including a clause involving content publication and distribution. This has caused uncertainty amongst members on what is to be expected when their content has been submitted to eM as well as distributed within the organization and/or our promotional platforms.

A most recent event caused us to do a full search of our multiple text channels and promotional platforms. After combing through our records we could not find sufficient evidence to support or deny either claim of “stealing content.” Make no mistake, it is our intent to publish works from our community in order to promote not only themselves and their hard work but us as an organizational whole. Without our members and content creators we cease to exist.

Additionally, members have been removed from our community who we have viewed as toxic. We gathered sufficient evidence of individual members continually posting negative verbosity in and/or on other social forums directed at the organization as a whole as well as key members. While we enjoy smack talking with others in a competitive sense as well as light sarcasm, we will not tolerate continual verbal abuse of our members, management and the organization as a whole.

Finally. in recent days eM members dropped out for a, “lack of support.” We believe these members were after a follow for follow type of organization. For us, we do not believe in that strategy and will never support any type of follow for follow format. In addition, there has been mention of a lack of direct support to individuals in terms of social media platforms. While we would like to guarantee each and every member instantaneous support towards their display of content creation, it would not be possible to do so given our current staffing parameters. High reward comes with hard work put out by the individual and we stress that to everyone in search of improvement.

Our goal is and has always been to bring people together, we have inadvertently brought people together who now view us in a negative light. We have no issue with those individuals and wish them the best of luck in their endeavours as we continue on ours. However, we succeeded in our mission of bringing members together to advance and support their agenda as well as our own. We hope this offers insight to recent events and apologize for our not releasing this statement sooner. We believe in full transparency of how we operate and will continue to support our public voice through our PR team. #StillGrindin

From the desk of John”Y2kbug” Kelly, Strategic Development Officer

& Manny “ItZxDuBsTeP”

, Public Relations Manager.