At EasternMediaGG, we strive to be the top provider of content, digital designs, and a community for our gaming enthusiasts operating within the sphere of esports. Our goal, to show the entire online world of esports that we are a force to be reckoned with and our ideas, designs and content will be like no other. We are pleased to announce that EasternMediaGG will roll out a groundbreaking program to the esports community. We have given this program considerable thought, time, and we are sure you will love to see what we have in store for you.


Without further introduction our new program, Sponsor Direct. This program will kick start our journey into the esports community providing unique opportunities for players, teams, and sponsors alike. Sponsor Direct will be for players and teams, whether they be veterans or just getting their feet wet in esports, they will have the chance to achieve quality media recognition under  EasternMediaGG. Teams and players can expect to receive innovative graphics from our talented design team, alongside social media coverage of any competitions they happen to perform in. The program will aid in content creation including montages, highlight videos, streaming, and more. Additionally we will be providing the opportunity for teams and players to build a brand to grow with the EasternMediaGG fanbase as support. We will provide one on one media coaching with the player(s) and/or team(s) should they desire. In exchange, we expect that any players or teams acquired under Sponsor Direct represent the organization in a respectable and professional manner both in and out of competitions.   


Finally, Sponsor Direct, will act as our initiative to collect sponsors and help them identify key player(s) and/or team(s), even organizations we deem worthy. Should sponsors find an investment opportunity, we act as a broker or intermediary for both parties seeing the partnership to fruition and beyond. With this program, sponsors will  have the first look at rising esport talent who have been prepared for media friendly interactions and the ability to expand their reach in the esports community.


Any inquiries or concerns about, or applications for, Sponsor Direct can be directed to us using the contact form on our website (


From the desks of Manny “ItZxDuBsTeP”, Director of Public Relations and Jesse “Teffty”, Public Relations Staff Member

UPDATE: The Sponsor Direct program has been discontinued.