EasternMediaGG operates within the sphere of esports as content creators, broadcasters, digital designers, and all around gaming enthusiasts. EMGG is built around connecting and supporting content creators with a focus on streaming to Twitch and Mixer. The community is always buzzing in Discord with chats about people's days, latest games played, new game releases, streamers producing content, esports and questions as well as highly active on social media platforms.

We are a streamer based community and team but even more so we are a gaming community. We are a group dedicated to growing our members' streams and social media and to making a footprint as one of the best streaming communities to be part of for Twitch and Mixer. We supply advice on how to improve livestreams for both quality and content as well as working with new members to become affiliates on Twitch more quickly and easily. Our roster is growing daily with more streamers reaching affiliate and partnership on Twitch and partnersip on Mixer. We are constantly growing together and organizing community events, collaborations, and providing entertainment you can't get anywhere else. Whether just starting streaming or looking to continue to build your broadcasting brand, we are home to a team with various backgrounds to network with. Expect to find a community member willing to help you with everything from marketing, branding, growing your audience, networking and all the way to learning how to build a website for your brand.

Our partnered Discord server is the hub of interaction in the day to day. From connecting you with an easy way to network to offering tech support and twitch channel growth tips, we have it all. Our Discord is a huge resource for streamers and content creators of all sizes on how to improve and grow your following.

Our official Twitch and Mixer channels host livestreams daily. The featured broadcasters on our stream teams bring unique entertainment and a commitment to being highly interactive and engaging with their viewers and community with a focus on variety gameplay.

All of us did not realize it then but we were living the grind. lifestyle. This tag means more to us than a motto. To different people it can take on different personas but the underlying concept remains the same. Strive for your goals, but to get there you must put forth all your effort and then take it one step further. There is an ever present workload that lies before you and that will one day lead to better opportunities. Those who truly believe in our tag and mentality will not forget this.

Our goal is to be the go to for digital content creation. Whether that be streaming a game, writing an article or blog, designing digital graphics work, play testing a new game, or grouping up and competing in an in-house tournament. Now is the time to get out there and to work towards your goal. Never forget that we all grind..