EasternMediaGG operates within the sphere of esports as content creators, digital designers, and all around gaming enthusiasts. eMGG is filled with those who might otherwise be rejected or excluded from other groups. The community is always buzzing with chats about people's days, latest games played, streamers producing content, esports and questions.

All of us did not realize it then but we were living the grind. lifestyle. This tag means more to us than a motto. To different people it can take on different personas but the underlying concept remains the same. Strive for your goals, but to get there you must put forth all your effort and then take it one step further. There is an ever present workload that lies before you and that will one day lead to better opportunities. Those who truly believe in our tag and mentality will not forget this.

Our goal is to be the go to for digital content creation. Whether that be streaming a game, writing an article or blog, designing digital graphics work, play testing a new game, or grouping up and competing in an in-house tournament. Now is the time to get out there and to work towards your goal. Never forget that we all grind..